BIG Bible Town Church and Affiliate Program

The BIG Bible Town Church and Affiliate Program is designed to help churches and third party affiliates such as coops, professional societies, homeschooling groups, and bloggers introduce BIG Bible Town to their own members. The program allows the partners to offer their members special discounts to BIG Bible Town subscriptions and receive commission payments for sales generated. Affiliates often play a special role by independently evaluating BIG Bible Town and providing editorial reviews for their members.

To setup your Church or Affiliate relationship with BIG Bible Town simply email us at or with your organizationís name and website address, your name, and your phone number. Weíll take a quick look at your website and then we will get right back to you with the program details.

If you have other questions or comments you may also contact us by phone at (256) 489- 4103.

BIG Bible Town Student Ambassador Program

The BIG Bible Town Student Ambassador Program is designed to help high school and college students raise money to pay for their education and missionary activities. Ambassadors earn money by introducing and selling BIG Bible Town memberships to church members in coordination with the church pastor, youth minister, or childrenís minister. We pay our Ambassadors a commission on their sales. Ambassadors will start with their own church to quickly and easily begin earning commissions, then branch out to other churches in their community.

This is a great program that is a win-win-win for parents, kids, and our Ambassadors. It gives parents a way to tap into video game playtime to keep their kids connected to Godís Word and gives worthy students a way to earn money for college or mission trips, while also helping kids build their Christian character.

To apply for an Ambassadorship, students should email us at with the following information. They must also first coordinate with their church pastor, youth minister, or childrenís minister so that we may contact that person.

  • Name, email, phone number, and mailing address
  • Church name and mailing address
  • Pastor or ministerís name, email address, and phone number
  • Need to raise money (School or Mission Name)

Once we receive an application, we will contact the church's pastor or minister within 2 business days to confirm their support and then reply to applicant to set up a phone interview and initiate the program.